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Are you ready to create your stunning website in minutes?

With Oidom you can create professional-looking websites and landing pages that are fast and secure. Use ready-made sections and designs to bring your business online faster.

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Build your website the easy way
- Just add the content

Are you tired of guessing what your website will look like when you click the save button? Would you like to have more control over how the site looks without hiring a proĀ­gramĀ­mer? In that case, Oidom might be just the right site builder for you. No coding required!


Turn-key website

With our premade templates and section designs, you can build websites the easy way.


Save time

Build your website in record time. Just build the website and publish. You don't have to waste time with hosting, plugins and updates.



Websites made with Oidom are optimized to rank high in Google. Manage redirects, meta tags, and get optimized URLs.


Start building your website with one of our dazzling site templates

Choose a site template you like and customize it to fit your style

You can start buildĀ­ing your site with a blank temĀ­plate or choose one of our preĀ­genĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ed site templates. With the temĀ­plate you can build your site by just reĀ­placĀ­ing our demo conĀ­tent with your own. Even though we have preĀ­designed temĀ­plates and themes, you have the posĀ­siĀ­bilĀ­iĀ­ty to change the colors and fonts to your likĀ­ing.

With Oidom's edĀ­iĀ­tor, you are able to see the changes while you make them. There's no sepĀ­aĀ­rate edit view. You will instantly see how your final website will look like.

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Build your website with pre-made sections

The easiest way to build your website

We have made sections and designs ready for you to focus on your content.

Want to add a map and address to your website? There is a section for it. Want to add your Instagram feed to your site? There is a section for it. Want to present your team on your website? Well, you guessed it right: there is a section for it.

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Start your own blog

Create a blog with just few clicks

Provide your users valuable content with a blog, tell important news, or write about topics that interest you. A blog is a valuable asset for any website.

You can also add Facebook comments to your blog posts.

Customer success stories



"It is easy to design beautiful websites with Oidom. The website can be quickly updated and the price is right for a start-up enĀ­treĀ­preĀ­neur."

Nina Kiuru


"I'm Ā posĀ­iĀ­tiveĀ­ly surprised at how simple Oidom is compared to WordPress."

Vivi Sairiala


"I chose Oidom because I wanted to create a one-pager. Quick response times in customer service also confirmed the decision to choose Oidom."Ā 

Roope Jakonen


The fastest websites āš”ļø

Never worry about page speed again

Create highly converting websites that load instantly. Oidom websites are amazingly fast by design also on mobile phones.

Websites on the Oidom platform are created using Gatsby. Gatsby is a popular tool to make static websites that are blazingly fast. We automatically do code-splitting, image optimization, inlining critical styles, lazy-loading, prefetching resources, and more. Your whole website, not only images and files, is published to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which makes the websites load fast everywhere in the world.

With Oidom, you can score perfect Google Web Vitals and Lighthouse scores.

Content editing on mobile

Easy editing, even on mobile! šŸ“±

Create and update your website on your mobile device

Websites made with Oidom are fully responsive. But did you know that also our editor works with mobile phones and tablets, so it is easier than ever to keep your site up-to-date even on the go?

You can update the content, add news or for instance correct a spelling mistake on your mobile phone wherever and whenever.

News from Oidom team


Google inĀ­troĀ­duced Core Web Vitals metrics in 2021 to evaluate the overall user exĀ­peĀ­riĀ­ence of websites in more detail. These metrics have an impact on website ranking.


Cookie notices seem to be here to say. Why are they everyĀ­where and do you need to pop out one on your website too?