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Are you sick and tired of guessing how your website is going to look like when you click the save button? Would you like to have more control over how the site looks without hiring a programmer? In that case, Oidom might be just the right site builder for you!

Users love it

With our premade templates and section designs you can build a website which is easy to use and easy for the eye.


Robots love it

The relevant issues regarding search engine optimization have been taken care of for you. You can also add information visible to search engines by yourself.


You love it

 With Oidom you can build your stunning website in a jiffy without any special technical skills.


What you see is what you get. For reals.

Easy content man­age­ment

With Oidom's WYSIWYG editor you are able to see the changes while you make them. There's no separate edit view.


Make it yours.

Customize the design

You can start building your site with a blank template or choose one of our pregenerated sites. With our templates you can build your site  by just replacing our demo content with your own. Even though we have predesigned templates and themes, you have the possibility to change the colours and fonts to your liking.


Tell it with pictures

In­te­grat­ed Stock Photos

Ok, you have the text content. But would like to have some nice pictures to go with it. No problem. We have integrated Unsplash's stock photos to Oidom. This means that you have over 900 000 pictures in your media library.  From that mass you can search and pick the ones you want to add to your site.


This is just the beginning...

Evolving with you

Oidom is at the moment in beta phase. This means there is some features still around the corner. And after we have finished those we will continue to develop the platform and make it even better.

Not your regular site­builder

Oidom is designed to eliminate all the usual worries of website maintenance. This allows you to focus on creating quality content for your website. The websites created by Oidom operate on a state-of-the-art platform.

No server problems

Unlike traditional websites, Oidom pages are not dependent on a single server. Oidom pages are distributed to cloud servers around the world and always work without interruptions.

Fast websites

Page speed is important for both users and search engines. Oidom websites are always lightning fast all over the world. You don’t have to worry about optimizing page speed. We optimize your pages automatically.


Pages created with the Oidom homepage are static. Therefore, they cannot be hacked like traditional PHP websites. All pages also automatically have an SSL certificate.


Pages made with Oidom are always responsive. Smaller screens load mobile-optimized images into pages and hyphenate long texts. You can also make and update your pages on your mobile phone.


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Oidom blog

We have once again updated Oidom and added new useful and exciting features. You can now undo the changes you just made. You can add comments to articles. You can edit the size, shape, and po­si­tion­ing of the images you add. We have also added a new section to Oidom.
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