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How the easiest way to create modern fast websites was done and by who?

Oidom history

Making websites should not be hard. Neither should the main­tain­ing work. A user should not have to con­stant­ly worry about somebody hacking the website. With expirence from hosting tens of thousands of WordPress websites, we came to the con­clu­sion that WordPress websites are not for everyone. People deserve something easier.

With these things in mind we started de­vel­op­ing a new kind of web­site­builder. Oidom was born. The goal was to create a web service that makes it easy for everyone to create websites. And not just ordinary websites, but websites that look great, work on every device, and are amazingly fast.

Oidom Ltd was founded in 2020. 

Oidom team

Building the best product requires the best team. Oidom team consist of de­vel­op­ers, designer and hosting industry veterans.

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Meet the team


Manu Paajanen

CEO, co-founder


Jussi Kolhinoja

CFO, co-founder


Daniel Kivilohkare

CTO, co-founder