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Create your own Blog with Oidom

With Oidom you can create a website and write your own blog.

Blog features

Oidom Blog is this and much more.


You can add several article categories to your Oidom website. With the help of categories, you can easily differentiate articles on different topics and, for example, keep multiple blogs, news or whatever category you want on your site.


Websites created with Oidom are fast regardless of location. Therefore, you can be confident that your blog will run fast everywhere.

Human friendly

In Oidom, maintaining blog articles is human-oriented. Adding and updating text is as easy as with any simple text editor, and when you add text directly, you can see what your writing will look like on a published website. You also don’t have to worry about technical maintenance.

Edit anywhere with any device

Not only can the blog be read on mobile devices, but you can also edit it with your mobile phone. So no worries, if you remember a detail that needs updating, and you haven't got your laptop with you: you can also make additions and changes easily with your mobile phone.

Social media

Sharing your blog posts on social media is easy. Oidom has ready-made sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Whatsapp, which you can add to any of your blog articles.

Facebook com­ment­ing

In a blog made with Oidom, you can use Facebook commenting. After enabling commenting, Facebook users can comment on your published articles. You can manage the comments in Facebook.


Oidom has many built-in features which help with your website and blog visibility on search engines like Google.


A high-end range of features


Simple base for your blog.


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In­tro­duc­tion site with blog.


Ready made templates

Add a blog to anyone of our ready-made templates. See all templates by clicking the link below.

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Start writing your blog for free

You can try Oidom for free. Registration and the use is free until the website is published. And even after the publish, you still get another 30 days of free use.

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Looking for partners
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We are looking for bloggers to cooperate with us

We are looking for bloggers. The purpose is that the cooperation would benefit both sides. In return for visibility, you will get a fast blog, which we will developed new features to all the time and a financial compensation.