New features in Oidom

We have once again updated Oidom and added new useful and exciting features. You can now undo the changes you just made. You can add comments to articles. You can edit the size, shape, and po­si­tion­ing of the images you add. We have also added a new section to Oidom.

Image editing


Here it is! Possibly Oidom's most requested feature ever: the ability to resize an image. You can now resize the image. Not only did we add the ability to resize the image, but now you can also change the position and shape of the image in addition to the size.


You can select the image to be round, square, or the shape of the original image. 


Did something go wrong? No worries: you can now undo the change you just made in the top left corner, or make that change again. This so-called undo / redo functionality is a nice feature together with the site backups we added in previous Oidom update.



You can now add comments to articles, such as your blog. We have implemented commenting using Facebook. This allows Facebook users to comment on your posts. You can also manage comments using Facebook.

This is what the comments below the articles look like:

New section for logos

Section for logos

We have added a new section to Oidom for logos. For example, you can now add your partners 'logos and links to their partners' websites in a stylish way.

Other added features and updates

  • You can add so-called padding, or filling, or to remove pre-installed padding.
  • In addition to published home pages, embedded content is now displayed in Oidom's editor and preview
  • You can watch videos added to Instagram on the homepage made by Oidom
  • You can now change the background color of the article page

In the new update, we also brought minor bug fixes as well as many small usability improvements.