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Create a Website for your Business

Why a company still needs its own website, why it matters what kind of a website it is, and why you should consider Oidom for creating your website.

In this blog post, I would like to talk about why a company still needs its own website, why it matters what kind of a website it is, and also why you should consider Oidom for creating your website.

It may be that for many of us, it is clear why a company needs its own website. However, I have noticed over the years that still not all companies have a website and all start-ups do not make one. I have also heard a long time ago a friend predicting that Facebook Business Pages will replace the ordinary website making website for a company unnecessary. I will return to this statement later in this blog post, but let’s first go through why websites are important to a business and why it is worthwhile to spend some time making them.

If the company's website cannot be found online, does the company exist?

Lost in Scandinavia

Undoubtedly, a company can exist even if it has no visibility on the internet. If a company does not have a website, it will not give a viable image of the company though. Also, a company's website should not be outdated and out of date, as the visitor may leave the website very quickly. They actually leave in a couple of seconds, if they don’t like something. Add to this the fact that a company’s website should also work nicely and smoothly on any device so also on a mobile phone.

I've noticed that the quality and content in a company's website, affect which company I personally choose. For example, when choosing a company to fix our home’s roof or the manufacturer of our summer house. Websites are not necessarily the only factor that influence a potential customer’s purchase decision: in the case of the manufacturer of our summer house, selecting manufacturer is a big and long process, so there can be many influencing factors. In this case, however, the company’s website itself painted a very positive picture of the manufacturer: you could easily find the needed information, there were great images and customer references to make their case compelling. Sounds simple, but when searching for a product on the internet, you surprisingly often come across old websites with varying image qualities and websites which do not work properly on a mobile phone or are unnecessarily heavy for a mobile connection. The use of mobile devices on the internet has increased tremendously and is about half of all use. I myself also often look for a suitable company with the help of a mobile phone first before checking it with laptop. As the use of mobile phones has become more widespread, a business can no longer afford to have websites that do not work smoothly on mobile devices, as visitors very quickly turn away from poorly functioning websites.

Search engines value websites

Search engines like Google are one important reason why companies should have their own websites. For example Facebook pages with a company name can be ranked first in Google. When I say ”can”, doesn’t mean that it will. But, in order for a company to be found in other important searches as well, in which it would gain new customers, a business usually needs its own website and also search engine optimization. The difference here now is that paid ads can certainly get you ranked high, but with organic search results it’s not that easy. You should take advantage of both.

Google search home page on a mobile phone

I promised to return to the argument that Facebook pages would replace the need for a website. That has obviously not happened. The idea itself came in a time a few years back when companies made a lot of Facebook business pages. I also once came across a barber shop that only had Facebook pages. Of course, making Facebook pages for a company is not useless. Facebook, like other social media, is a very important channel for many companies to reach customers. It is very good for a business to have many different channels in terms of marketing and time has also shown that websites are still and will be a very important part of it. Websites are good for a company because the you can then better manage the image you give on your own website. A business can also present in a perfect format exactly the things that are important to the potential customer. Such important things can be, for example, contact information to help you find quickly a business location or phone number, customer reference stories, or for example a restaurant menu, not to mention e-commerce. What I consider highly important is that it is easier for a company to manage the image of the brand on its own website: through visual appearance, usability and content.

Why choose Oidom for making websites?

Here is a small list of why you should at least consider making a website with Oidom:

  • An easy way to make a website for business and individuals
  • Cheap and fast websites
  • Present your business with a spectacular and representative website
  • Designer templates and sections
  • Responsive website that can also be edited on a mobile device
  • Lots of ready-made features like a blog

Oidom Websitebuilder is designed to help small businesses in particular with the challenges they face in making a website. In addition, our goal has been and will continue to be that with Oidom one can make affordable websites. It is especially difficult for a small start-up to invest a lot of money in quality websites and hire a website creator and even a designer for it. In Oidom, the templates you can use to help you create a stunning website and the ready-made sections, are pre-designed by our very skilled designer. In addition, we keep our customers in mind in the designs, and the style is motivated by modern Scandinavian style. In Oidom you can easily create stylish and representative websites with the help of ready-made sections. For those who want modern effects for their website, they can use the parallax scroll setting in the images in Oidom or, for example, add a background video to enliven the feel.

Oidom banner

In Oidom we have also made sure that websites are automatically scaled for mobile devices. When creating a website, you don't have to worry about the size of an image to different devices, because Oidom does it for you in the background. Among other things, this is something which Google search engine likes. In addition, search engines value content (its best if there is some new content and a lot of old). The user can do this in Oidom with the sections already mentioned and also write articles for their own blog or news. In Oidom, you can also add a feature rich contact form, a map with contact information, and stylish image galleries and carousels. Oh and did I already mention: websites can also be edited with your mobile phone!

Yes, and yes this post has been made with Oidom Sitebuilder. So also you can make a similar website with Oidom :)

Where can I start using Oidom?

You can try Oidom for free until you publish your website. And after publishing, you still get a free trial!

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