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Getting your website ready for vacation season 🌴

Websites made with Oidom stay up and running without any special measures from you. However, make sure that the content on your website serves also the casual visitors during the vacation season.

Eventhough you'd prefer to turn off your computer and set your mobile devices into airplane mode during the vacation season, that doesn't mean everyone does so. Your website might have some casual visitors even during the hottest heat wave. I bet you switch your email's out of office -autoreply on, but have you done the same to your website?

Website is a great way to let people know about any exceptions in your operations. For example, if you do not reply to contact requests at all during the vacation season, be sure to tell that and the date when you will be back in business.

If your website has a contact form that allows the site visitor to send you a message, add vacation info beside it as well. Thereby can the sender prepare for a longer response time.

If you are taking calls and/or text messages during your vacation, mention that too  (and your number, of course). On the other hand, if the general vacation season has no effect on your operations, it is not a bad thing to tell the site visitor about it as well.

Info row is easy way to let site visitors know about the ex­cep­tions

By clicking the navigation area of your Oidom site in editor view, you can find the Info row option from the left sidebar. By enabling it, ribbon-like element is added to the top of your website. There you can add a compact info text that shows up on every page of your website. If you need to provide some extra info, you can add a separate page for it and link that to the content of info rows. You can find quick guide to info row from our support site.

You can adjust the colors of the row from the settings. Try to make the element as distinctive as possible from the rest of the page so that it cannot go unnoticed. Slightly brighter attention colors work well there, but be sure to make sure the text also stands out as well.

Remember to republish your site after enabling the info row. Otherwise it won't show up! 

Add article, or Instagram post, about the ex­cep­tions

It is a good idea to update information about the arrangements for the vacation season also on your social media channels. This way the information reaches easily both your regular followers and casual profile visitors. This is the time when you can use your beautiful flower pictures or breathtaking scenery snapshots as a illustration of your post, even if they are not usually part of your business communication.

It is also not a bad idea to add an article to your website with summer greetings. And if you wish, you can kill two birds with one stone and share that article also to Facebook.

You can edit your Oidom website wherever, whenever

Unlike we humans, websites don't need rest. They are ready to serve site visitors 24/7/365. To keep your Oidom website up and running, you don't need to worry about a thing. We at Oidom support team will take care of your website.

However, if during your holiday, you remember that you forgot to update the important phone number on the website or the opening hours are wrong, no worries. With Oidom editor, you can edit all the content of the website also on your mobile device's browser by logging in via app.oidom.com.

If you want, you can also add a link to Oidom directly to the home screen of your mobile phone. On most smartphones it happens like this:

  • Open your mobile phone's default browser
  • Go to app.oidom.com
  • From the menu found from the browser's top right corner (or bottom on iOS), you can open the menu where you can for example share the page to others. In that same menu there most probably is option like add to home screen or pin to home screen  (depending on what device your are using)
  • After the add, you can access Oidom editor simply by tapping the icon on your home screen

Team behind Oidom is also taking some breaks

We are also taking some breaks during July and enjoying the beautiful Finnish summer. Nevertheless, you can reach us daily, as usual, by sending a message to support@oidom.com and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a beautiful summer! 🍓