Elements, a new feature in Oidom

Elements add more pos­si­bil­i­ties what kind of website you can build

We are especially excited about this new feature. In the past, we have enabled customers to build websites using ready-made sections designed by our designer. However, it is difficult for ready-made sections to cover all the different use cases that customers may have. Now, as a new feature, you can also build content in Oidom using elements. You can still add a new section from the familiar blue plus button, but now you can also add an element and build your own section from there.

In practice, Elements add more possibilities what kind of website you can build.



The elements allow you to build your own new section. For example, you can add an element called "Columns." The columns allow you to divide a row into several parts. You can then add the elements you want inside each column.

Elements which can now be added:

  • Columns
  • Title
  • Text
  • Image
  • Image gallery
  • Video
  • Button
  • Quote
  • Icon
  • Divider
  • Map

We will bring new elements to the selection later. For example, we will be adding embedded code as an element later. If there are any elements that you miss, please let us know.

How to add an element?

The video here shows you how to add a new element. It can be added from the same place as a new section, from the blue plus button. From the settings on the left, you can select an element instead of a pre-built section.