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Oidom roadmap

Year 2020 was a turning point for Oidom. Oidom Ltd got es­tab­lished and we developed a lot of exciting new features. Oidom already fulfills its promise to deliver great websites which are always and every­where fast.

Lately our focus has been on improving usability. We conducted an expert analysis on our service and have been focusing to implement issues related to that. Our aim is to provide the most user friendly ex­pe­ri­ence to make websites.

Some exciting new features that we have planned for 2021 are:

  • Knowl­edge­base
  • Section editor
  • Multi-user support
  • Multi-language support
  • E-commerce func­tion­al­i­ty
  • SEO tool

Knowledge base

Blog feature super charged. You are no longer re­strict­ed only to make blog post. Now you can make also a knowledge base for you site including listing support cat­e­gories and search.

More freedom in website creation

Section editor is a new kind of section where you can build your own section. Normally you would use our ready made sections as with those you only need to change texts and images. With the section editor, you can build you own sections using element blocks.

Multi-user support

Have your whole team and partners to develop the website with you. You can have multiple users with their own access rights.

Multi-language support

Many of our customers need their website in multiple languages. You can already achieve this by doing multiple separate sites. With multi-language support this becomes easier. You will be able to copy the site from one language to another. You will also see in a clear view what still needs to be trans­lat­ed on your mul­ti­lin­gual site.


One of the most requested features and also one of the most difficult ones to implement. We want that everyone can make their own web shop.

SEO tool

Oidom Is already great for search engine vis­i­bil­i­ty as the final sites are lighting fast and you can easily manage all the page metadata. We will bring more SEO features to Oidom in order to help you to create the best sites for SEO.

We also remain committed to creating fastest websites. Oidom websites are already extremely fast, but we will still make im­prove­ments related to the Google’s latest Web Vitals metrics and mobile per­for­mance.

De­vel­op­ment based on feedback

We listen to our customers and most of our de­vel­op­ment is based on customer feedback. If you have any feature requests we would love to hear them. You can give as feedback here: https://oidom.com/support.

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