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Summer updates

Latest updates to Oidom in a nutshell

Theme edit

In addition to some minor improvements to theme edit, we added a possibility to style links in content. You can pick link's color, weight and underline it if you wish. This makes it easier to highlight the links from the normal text content, which improves the usability of your website.

Article Cat­e­gories

From now on you can assign your articles to categories. Article categories make it possible to split your categories into multiple pages instead of just one article feed. This comes in handy if you want to add different kind of article sets into your website, for example blog posts and news articles. Read more about article categories and how to use them from our support site.

During next fall, we will be intoroducing some additional features related to categories. There will be a new section that will automatically list all categories and links them to category pages. There will be also an possibility to add a more comprehensive in-page search for the website, which will make websites with a lot of information articles, for example, easier to use.

Cookie Notice

In the latest update, we improved the functionality and management of the cookie notice. You can now customize the text content and button that appear in the notice, as well as their styles more freely than before. You can also add a link (fe to a privacy policy page) on to your Cookie notice.

Improving the cookie notice tool will continue in the early fall. Among other things, we will include the possibility to add another button to the cookie notice, which will allow the visitor to continue using your site only with cookies defined as necessary.

Other im­prove­ments and bug fixes

Websites published with Oidom have a built-in hyphenation. This ensures that long words do not break no matter how small the screen is. However, this has caused some problems in cases where line breaks would be visually better option than hyphenation. With these cases in mind, we have made it possible to add line breaks to heading elements which was previously disabled. With forced line breaks you can prevent long word hyphenation, especially on desktop-sized screens.

Previously we added a small image toolbar to speed up managing images added to sections. This toolbar opens when you click the image on the editor. Via toolbar, you can, among other things, edit the size and shape of the image or change it to another.

In some cases the text size could vary depending on whether the text field was active or not. The bug that caused this, has been fixed, but if you still run into occasional jumping of the text size in editor view, you can fix it by copying the text, deleting it completely from the text field, and adding it back again (see the video below).


Please note that the latest settings and bug fixes will not be applied to your published site until you republish your site. If you notice anything unusual on your website or on the Oidom editor, please send us a message to