Cre­at­ing a web­site with Oidom

First things first...

You need con­tent for your web­site. Is it ready al­ready? Good.

If not, bring out the pa­per & pen. Or an ipad. Post-its have also been found to be a great tool here. Take a mo­ment to plan your con­tent. Rough­ly write down what your site is for: what you want the user to do there and what it takes him/her to do it. For ex­am­ple, if your web­site's main pur­pose is to pro­vide user a way to con­tact you, make sure that your con­tact de­tails are eas­i­ly found.

If you want, you can also list the page struc­ture and the nec­es­sary el­e­ments such as forms and but­tons. This kind of a sim­ple plan will make it eas­i­er to choose a suit­able tem­plate for your site. At this point, you don’t have to write a com­plete con­tent for your site yet, it can be added and up­dat­ed on the fly.


Cre­ate your own Oidom ac­count and pick the site tem­plate

To cre­ate an Oidom ac­count, you need a valid email ad­dress. That's all. In ad­di­tion, of course, you also set a pass­word for your ac­count, which al­lows you to log in. If you wish, you can also use your Face­book or Google ac­count to reg­is­ter and log in in the fu­ture. Af­ter log­ging in to Oidom, you can cre­ate your first site. In the first step, you give your site a name and spec­i­fy the lan­guage of your con­tent. Af­ter that, you can choose the site tem­plate to get start with. You can also pick a blank site tem­plate and start build­ing your site with­out any spe­cif­ic struc­ture.

Cus­tomize the look of your site

If you are mak­ing a web­site for your com­pa­ny and you have graph­ic in­str­usctions, dig them up at this point. By edit­ing the theme, you can change the fonts and col­ors used on the site to match your lik­ings (or the in­struc­tions).

Re­place the ex­am­ple con­tent with your own

Adding and for­mat­ting the con­tent might be the most time con­sum­ing part of mak­ing your site. Don’t be afraid to add new sec­tions or test al­ter­na­tive lay­outs and set­tings if your con­tent doesn’t fit di­rect­ly into the sec­tions in­clud­ed in the site tem­plate.

Feel free to use im­ages and icons to bring your web­site to life. In ad­di­tion to your own im­ages, you can also use im­ages from the Un­splash im­age bank which is in­te­grat­ed to Oidom.

Pub­lish your site

Once your web­site is ready (enough) for pub­lish, you can be­gin the pub­lish­ing process by click­ing the blue but­ton at the top of the left side­bar. Dur­ing the first pub­lish, you must com­plete your con­tact and billing in­for­ma­tion. By de­fault, the site is pub­lished to url * .oidom.site, but you can also add your own do­main from the do­main set­tings. Once all the in­for­ma­tion has been filled, the pub­lish­ing process be­gins. Pub­lish­ing a web­site via Oidom typ­i­cal­ly takes a max­i­mum of a cou­ple of min­utes. Dur­ing that time, a sta­t­ic ver­sion of the web­site is gen­er­at­ed and the files are trans­ferred to the cor­rect lo­ca­tion on the servers. When the pub­li­ca­tion is com­plete, Oidom will no­ti­fy you and also sends the de­tails of the pub­lished web­site to you by e-mail.




Oidom - a new way to build your web­site

Oidom gives you a brand new way to cre­ate the web­site for your needs. With fast ed­i­tor and pre­made tem­plates build­ing up your site is go­ing to be an easy breezy.

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