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How is Oidom so fast?

Websites made with Oidom are static. Here's why.

Why do Oidom websites load faster than other websites?

Oidom creates static websites. Static websites require less server power, and with no database or client server infrastructure to runthrough, they’re naturally faster.

A static website created with Oidom


Each page on a static website is stored as a single HTML file , which is delivered directly from the server to the webpage exactly as is.

A static page prioritizes load speed, resulting in  a better browsing experience.  Because the content on this type of site is pre-written and delivered directly from the server, caching is easier and the content is less likely to load with delays or issues, such as broken images.

A dynamic website created f.ex. with WordPress 


With a dynamic website all of your data and content are organized in a database, which connects to your website pages. 

Dynamic websites continually pull information from database in order to display it—which takes time to process and execute.

What else is there why Oidom is so fast?

What else have we done to optimize the speed of Oidom made websites?

Optimized images

Oidom does image optimization for you. As you upload images to Oidom, it creates multiple versions of the images for different sized screens. Also images are automatically compressed to most optimal file type: avif.


CDN is automatically in use in all websites created with Oidom. A CDN, or content distribution network, is a geographically distributed network in which services are provided close to the user for speed and reliability. CDN improves download times. Particularly useful feature, if your website is for global audience.

Preloaded links

In Oidom we use cool feature called preloaded links. The pages behind your links will then be preloaded in background. This means that, when a website visitor clicks a link in your website, the new page will open immediately without a delay. 

Lazy­load­ing images

Lazy loading images means that we load images later, only when they appear in the browser's viewport. This  means that if users don't scroll all the way down, images placed at the  bottom of the page won't even be loaded.


Why does website loading speed and per­for­mance matter?

Browsing  websites on mobile devices is very common today, and the number of  mobile users is constantly growing. It is therefore extremely important  to also take mobile users into account when creating websites.

About half of mobile users stop loading websites after 3 seconds,  meaning that the bounce rate on a slow website can be huge. According to  Google, a mobile user also leaves a website 5 times easier if the  website lacks mobile optimization. That is why also Google values website performance in their search results.

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