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Build your website with sections

Adding new content to your website is as easy as pushing button.

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20+ sections

Ready-made sections  to match your varied content

Oidom currently has nearly 30 different section types to choose from. Among these, you will find own sections for different content needs. In addition to traditional text sections, we have designed section templates for, among other things, a contact form, an image gallery and a timeline. Alternative designs are also available for almost every section.

Below you will find a list of available sections and how to use them. We are adding new section types in almost every major Oidom update.

How to add a section in Oidom


Click the blue plus button to start adding the section

Start adding a section by clicking the blue plus button between already added sections. After that you can select the section you want to add.

Choose the right section type for your content

From the left sidebar you will find all the sections you can add. The filters at the top of the sidebar allow you to search the suitable section with tag or keyword. When you find the appropriate section, click it to proceed.

Choose the best design to highlight your content

Different layout templates, aka designs, are available for almost all sections. You can change the design from the left sidebar and you'll see a preview of the selected one on the right. When you are happy with what you see, you can add a section by clicking the button.

Available sections

Sections for text-based content

Visual sections

In­ter­ac­tive sections

Sections for listing things

Sections for article high­lights

Surface Book

Flexible section editor

Can't find the suitable structure for your specific content from the current section catalog? Ready-made sections are easy and quick to use, but there are also sit­u­a­tions where it would be good to be able to edit and add section elements more freely.
Oidom includes also section editor, which allows you to edit sections and section elements in a more versatile way.