Article Design

The article design feature allows you to assign the same layout and color settings for multiple articles at once. For example, if you don't want to use a back­ground image on the article header in articles from a certain category, you can assign a "Simple Article" design to them. You can also edit premade design settings and even save your own designs for different use cases.

Ready-made Designs

We have created a few different designs that you can start with. You can set the design for an article via the dropdown menu that appears in the article settings. 


Design settings

You can edit the article design settings by clicking the link below the design selection in the article settings. From the sidebar panel that opens, you can configure the settings you want. The settings are divided into three groups:

  • Settings related to article header area
  • Settings related to article content area
  • Settings related to article footer area

From the element lists, you can control which elements are visible at the top and bottom of the article. The Colors & Layout settings let you control what visible elements look like.

Saving design

Once you've made the changes you want and left the edit view, you can choose the way the changes are saved. If you save changes to an existing layout, the settings will au­to­mat­i­cal­ly apply to all articles that have that layout enabled. However, you don't have to save the settings to an existing layout, but you can create a com­plete­ly new design for reuse or save the settings only to the article that is open.