With cat­e­gories you can separate for example blog entries, news and support articles from each other. Note that single article can have only one category. If you want to classify articles more in-depth, use tags.

You can add a new category via the Cat­e­gories menu on the Articles tab. Once you’ve added a new category, you can assign the article into a category by going to Article’s General settings and selecting the category you want from the drop-down menu.

General settings

  • Category name is displayed for example as the category page title and link text in the menu
  • Category path (also known as slug) is a url-friendly version of the category name. It is used as part of the address that directs the user to a category page that displays all articles in that category
  • Enabling Show path in article url will add the category path to the single article’s address
  • De­scrip­tion is displayed on the category page below the title
  • Default author option allows you to specify the default author for the articles of this the category. You can change this option directly from the single article settings if exception needed.

Ad­di­tion­al settings

You can also specify the settings below for each category. These will be used in category listings that will be added to Oidom later this year.

  • Color
  • Picture
  • Icon

Display articles from certain category

In updated Article listing section, you can choose whether the section displays only articles from a specific category or all articles.

  • Add the Article Listing section to the desired location
  • In the sidebar options, open View Options
  • Select the category from the dropdown menu “Show articles from category:”

Linking a category page to a menu and content

Each category and article attached to a category is au­to­mat­i­cal­ly au­to­mat­i­cal­ly created into a category page listing all published articles in the category. You can add a link to this page to the menu or content.

To add a category page to the menu:

  • Click the menu area
  • In the left side column below the Main nav­i­ga­tion dropdown, you will find a direct link to edit the main menu
  • Click plus icon in the menu settings to add a new link
  • Click “Add link”
  • In the window that opens, select “Article category” and then select the category
  • Click Done

Adding a category page to content:

  • Select the word (s) from the content, click on the link icon from the blue toolbar
  • In the window that opens, select “Article category” and then select the category
  • Click Finish

Display all articles despite category

When articles are first enabled, a page called “All Articles” (or just “articles” on pre­vi­ous­ly created sites) is also be added to the Pages’ tab. This page displays all articles from all cat­e­gories. You can edit this page like a normal page, add different sections to it and link it to content and/or menu. It acts as a “root” page for all the articles you add.