SEO: How to change image file name and image alt

In this article we are going through how to change image file name, alt text and image description in Oidom. Adding or changing the file name and alt text is especially useful for search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility.

Changing image file name and alt text

  1. When you are in Oidom, locate the image which you would like to edit.
  2. Click the image and click “Change image” to go in to the Manage media modal where you can edit the image file name and alt. (If your image is in the background, you can go to Manage media from settings on the left blue sidebar and you need to look for the image there).
  3. In Manage media click  “Edit image information”.
  4. In here you can edit the image file name. Avoid using special characters and whitespaces in a file name.  It is a good idea to name the file according to what is in the image. In this image we wrote as a file name “mc-laptop-2tb”. In here you don’t need to add the file format to file name.
  5. In the image title you can write a short description about the image (also special characters and whitespaces are ok). This field is especially useful for accessibility and SEO. It is possible to add here keywords which relate to the image. In the example video there was added “Mc Laptop with 2TB SSD”.
  6. When ready, save changes. For the changes to appear on your website, you will still need to publish your website. Below there is also how to change the image description and where it can be useful.

Adding image de­scrip­tion (Image Gallery)

You can edit image description in Manage media. This is useful in Image gallery, if you want to show the description below the image.

Adding image de­scrip­tion:

  1. Find the image gallery in Oidom and click the image you want to edit.
  2. In Manage media click “Edit image in­for­ma­tion”
  3. In here you can edit the image de­scrip­tion. There are no specific rules what to write.
  4. Save changes. Remember to publish the website, when you are ready and want the changes to be seen on the published site.

Enabling/disabling image de­scrip­tion in image gallery

In the end part of the previous video, you can see how to enable/disable de­scrip­tion in image gallery. Here’s a text guide to it:

  1. Click the back­ground of the image gallery section to open the settings of the gallery. Settings will open on the left side.
  2. Click “View Options”
  3. Using “Show de­scrip­tion” you can enable/disable the de­scrip­tion.
  4. When you are done,  remember to publish the site when you want the changes to appear on your website.