SEO: How to change a page name, URL and the image shared in social media

In this article you can see how to change URL in Oidom. In the end we can also see how you can change the image which is shared in social media. First we will change page “Computers” to Laptops and the address to

These are the steps how to change the name of the page and the URL:

  1. In the navigation click the page you want to edit (if your page is not visible in the navigation, you can find it on the blue sidebar under “Pages”.
  2. On the left you can change the page name.
  3. If you want to also change the URL (good for SEO), click SEO
  4. On this opening page, you can also edit meta information (important in SEO) in Oidom.
  5. In the field Page URL, add the address you want for your page. Please do not use special characters in URL and also avoid using whitespaces
    Hint: It’s good to name your page quite specifically what is in there and what can be people looking for in Google. In this example we use “laptops” as keyword also in the URL.
  6. In the example video we change “laptops” to “cheap-laptops”. In practice the  URL would look like with a domain like this:””.
  7. If you want, there’s an option to add a default image for this page. It means that the added image will be shared when someone shares a link to that page on social media (like Facebook).
  8. When you are ready, you can go back from the top left by clicking “<“. Oidom will then ask you if you want to create a redirect:
    redirection is useful if your page has been online for some time and you don’t want customers to see an error message when visiting the old URL of the page. If you have just created this page, then you don’t need to create a new redirect.
  9. Remember to publish the website, when you want the changes to appear online.