Adding a map

In this video we are first going to add a new page and then a map. If you have already created a page where you want to add the map, you can skip the page creation and add a map from blue plus button.

  1. Add a new page (if you already have a page ready, jump to step 4). Click on the left blue sidebar  “Pages” and then “+” button.
  2. Type in the name of the new page. In the video we wrote “Contact”. Confirm the new page name.
  3. Go to the new page by clicking it on the list or in the navigation.
  4. In the new page, add a new map section by clicking the blue plus button.
  5. From the left you can look for the map section. You can type to the search bar “map” to find it. When you have found the map, click on it.
  6. There are multiple map designs. You can try them by clicking them. When you have found the best one, click “Add section” or the map itself on the website to add it.
  7. When the map has been added, you can edit the texts on it by clicking them.
  8. Go to the map settings by clicking the map. Map settings will then open on the left side.
  9. In the settings you can edit the address, change the text in the bubble on the map, zoom and change the colors.
  10. When ready, click “Done”.
  11. Remember to publish, when you want the changes to appear on your website.