How to add an image gallery

Adding an image gallery in Oidom is super easy:

  1. Just click from your Oidom site a blue plus button where you want the image gallery to be added
  2. Then look for the image gallery. You can either select “Image” from the filters or type “gallery”. Then click Gallery when you have found it.
  3. Choose the design you like for the gallery and click it.
  4. When you have found a suitable design, either click on it or then click “Add section”.

Adding images to image gallery

You can either swap existing images or add new ones.

Swapping image

Here’s how you can swap an image for example with a stock image in gallery. However it is always best if you use your own images.

Adding new images

Here’s how you add an image to image gallery from your own device. You can also add a title and de­scrip­tion for the image (good for search engines and ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty).

Changing back­ground color and design in image gallery

Here’s how you can change back­ground color and the design in image gallery.

Changing back­ground color

  1. Click empty space in image gallery, this will open the settings on left side.
  2. From settings choose “Back­ground”
  3. If needed, enable Back­ground color and after that choose your color.

Changing design

  1. Click empty space in image gallery
  2. Click “Design” from settings.
  3. Click the design you like and click empty space in the section or “Done” to choose the design.