Adding a link to Facebook pages in Header nav­i­ga­tion

Here is a written instruction and a short video on how to add a link to your facebook pages using an icon. Same way you can add for example links to Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Click the background of the top of your site to open the navigation.
  2. If you already don’t have a secondary navigation, it is good idea to add one for your social media icons. To add one enable from the settings on left the Secondary navigation and then from drop down “Create a new navigation”. If you already have a secondary navigation created, then use that by clicking “Edit menu” below the title Secondary navigation.
  3. Add a new link and then click “Linked to …” to go to add a link to your fb site.
  4. Click tab “External” and there add the URL to your facebook pages. To link text you can for example write Facebook (it will be shown first as text link in the navigation).  When finished click “Done”.
  5. To change the text link to be an icon,  select from drop down menu in navigation “Icon” and then “Select image”.
  6. From the modal which just was opened, you can look for a suitable icon. In this example video we wrote “face” and found a couple of different desings. Choose a suitable icon for you by clicking it. From bottom right corner you can change the icon size and color. When ready, click “Save”.
  7. With the help of Preview you can check if the link works. Remember to publish when you want the changes to appear on your website.