Cookie Notice

The cookie notice is displayed for your website’s visitor before entering the site. In no­ti­fi­ca­tion modal you can tell the user about the cookie policy of your website. The text displayed on the cookie notice should be kept rel­a­tive­ly short and easy to un­der­stand. Add more detailed in­for­ma­tion about the tracking methods and other things that may be used on your website to a separate page.

Enabling Cookie Notice

You can enable the info modal from the Settings tab via the Cookie notice menu.


In the view that opens, you can make the edits you want. You can edit the contents of Cookie Notice by clicking the texts on the modal shown on the right. Please note that enabling the cookie notice on your website will also require re-publish. Before that notice modal will not be displayed on your "live" site and you will be able to make the necessary edits without hurry.

Elements on Cookie Notice

From the element list you can choose which elements you wish to show on the modal. You should show there at least some info text  (Title and/or paragraph) and Accept/Decline buttons. With those buttons user can choose whether he wants to use your site with or without cookies. Despite this selection, snippets marked as necessary will be enabled. You can set code snippet as necessary by going to snippet's settings  (tab Settings -> Code Snippets) and selecting “Necessary” as snippet type. Use this only for code snippets that are mandatory for the func­tion­al­i­ties of your website.

You can also add a link to the page where user can read more about your website’s privacy policy. Please be sure to update the contents of the Privacy Policy page that may be included with your site template to reflect the policies and settings of your own website. On newer site’s the status of Privacy Policy page is draft by default, so you need to update it before pub­lish­ing your site.

Style of the Cookie Notice

Via Layout & Design submenu you can can control what the cookie notice looks like. You can customize the colors to your liking by selecting “Custom” from the Color Scheme dropdown and selecting the colors you want for the back­ground, text and links.


You can edit the buttons and their ap­pear­ance by clicking them.

Revoking the consent

The website visitor must also have the pos­si­bil­i­ty to change the cookie settings easily. Via "Revoking Consent" submenu you can add a link which opens the Cookie notice modal. You can specify the link text, color and in which footer slot it'll be shown.