How to add or change a Favicon in Oidom?

Favicon is an icon for the website which can be seen in different places on different browsers. Most often you can see favicon next to URL field or the page title. In this example image favicon is circled with blue:


This is how you change a favicon in Oidom

In our example the website has a default favicon from Oidom:


We can add our own favicon like in this video:

  1. When you are editing your Oidom website, click “Settings”
  2. Choose “Site”
  3. Click “Change image”
  4. Upload an image which you want to be your favicon from “Upload” and select the image you want from your device.  Please note that you will need to upload image which is either jpg, png, WebP, gif or svg. It is also recommended that the image has a square shape (size f. ex. 512×512 px).
  5. Click “<”  to leave the favicon settings.
  6. You will still need to remember to publish your site by clicking “Publish”.  Please note that if you wist to see the changed favicon immediately, you will most likely need to empty your browser cache. Otherwise the favicon will appear once the browser refreshes the cache itself.

After adding the new favicon, it looked like this on our example website: