Terms of Service

1. Validity and ap­pli­ca­tion

This Universal Terms of Service Agreement (”Agreement”) is between Oidom Ltd (the "Service Provider") and you (the "Customer", whether legal or individual). This Agreement is made effective 01.03.2020 and is effective until new Agreement. Service Provider holds a right to change Terms of Service at any time. New Terms of Service will replace the previous terms. Changes will be effective immediately. Service Provider will inform Customers when Terms of Service have been changed by posting a notice on the website (oidom.com). This Agreement is between Service Provider and the client. The client must keep confidential the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the service itself and the pricing of the service. The client is also responsible for ensuring that the entities working for client, such as contractors and employees, comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Validity and length

The Agreement starts immediately, when Customer orders a service and Service Provider confirms the order. Orders are usually confirmed by Email. Term of the Agreement is the same as the length of the selected billing period. The Agreement will automatically continue after the end of the period, if it has not been terminated by the deadline latest 14 days prior to the beginning of the new contract period.

3. Transfer of the Agreement

Customer does not have the right to transfer the Agreement to a third party without the written permission from the Service Provider. Service Provider has the right to transfer the Agreement to a third party. Service Provider also has the right to change the Agreement and service description's content.

4. Ter­mi­na­tion

Customer can terminate the Agreement by requesting cancellation in Service Providers website or by email, when using main contact's email address at least 14 days prior to the next due date. Customer will be sent an email confirmation about the termination of Agreement. Customer can terminate service only after all payments, which are due, are cleared. If Customer's termination of the Agreement comes late, Customer is required to pay for the next billing period in full. Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement, if Service Provider cannot offer the agreed services. Excluded are situations where Internet Access provider, maintenance, hardware failure or Force Majeure events (natural disasters etc.) has caused the downtime. Service Provider has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately without prior notice or any kind of liability, if Customer breaks this Agreement or if the service can not be continued any longer due to an external factor. If Customer hasn't broken the Agreement, unused time will be compensated. Service Provider has the right to change the terms of this Agreement. Customer is entitled to terminate the service in a situation where the change in the terms of the Agreement substantially increases the Customer's obligations or reduces the Customer's rights and if the change is not because of a change in the law or in the authority's order. Customer has the right to terminate the service in writing by the announced effective date of notice and the termination will take effect in the event that Service Provider, upon receipt of Customer's notice of termination, confirms the effective date of the Agreement changes. Service Provider will then compensate for the unused service charge previously paid by Customer. If the change is due to a change in the law or the authority's order, the change may take effect before the expiry of that period. In such a case, Customer will not be entitled to terminate the Agreement other than described in this Agreement. Service Provider has the right to close or terminate the service also, if Customer's invoice is overdue or Customer has been verified as insolvent, Customer has broken the law, the contact details provided are not accurate or Customer cannot be reached from the given contact details.

5. Invoicing, term service delivery and payments

5.1 Payment Processor

We use Stripe as our third party payment processor. The payments are processed by Stripe in accordance with Stripe’s terms of service and privacy policy. The customer agrees to that all payments must be done through the Payment Processor. Service provider reserve the right to correct, or to instruct our Payment Processor to correct, any errors or mistakes, even if payment has already been requested or received.

6. Re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and oblig­a­tions of the customer

Customer is responsible for all data stored in the ordered service and law and goodwill. Customer is responsible for preventing all possible harms to the network and service in use. Service Provider can and will remove all illegal data or data that is breaking the conditions of this Agreement. Service Provider reserves the right to in the interrupt the service temporarily if it is necessary for repair, maintenance or other work. Service Provider aims to minimize the duration of the break and to inform the Customer, if possible, in advance. Customer may not market the service in violation of the law or goodwill, which includes, for example direct marketing via email without the consent of the recipient, marketing in news groups and forums or any other places where it is forbidden. Customer can use the ordered service and disk space only for their own, their company or community use. Customer has the right to include third party commercial adds and other banners on their website. Customer is responsible for compensation to the Service Provider and to all third parties all possible costs that have been caused by service abuse. Customer is obliged to pay all the damages that have been caused by service abuse by his username to the Service Provider or third parties.

7. Dis­agree­ments

All disputes or disagreements will be handled in Helsinki, Finland (Helsinki District Court).

8. Personal Data Pro­cess­ing

Annex 1 deals with the obligations of Service Provider and Customer regarding the processing of personal data. The appendix is governed by the Data Protection Act in cases where Customer is a Registrar and Service Provider is a processor.




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