10.3.2022 Oidom Update

Please note that you will need to republish your website to enable im­prove­ments and op­ti­miza­tions.

New features

Now it's even easier to embed audio files to your Oidom website. By adding an audio file element to a page or an article you can specify a link to an audio file (eg. Google Drive or Sound­cloud). Based on the link you provide, Oidom will add a suitable player embed.


Im­prove­ments in this update focused on image load times. We added some more specific image at­trib­ut­es to improve load times and im­ple­ment­ed lazy load on images. With lazy load images are loaded not before the image is scrolled to the viewport.

Bug fixes

As usual, the update also included bug fixes to issues that had been reported lately.

  • Changes to the mobile view of the cookie notice: long links added to the content have been taken into account
  • Fixes for heading styles: there were some visual dif­fer­ences between the editor view and the published website
  • Font sizes on the mobile menu have been restored to normal
  • Visual en­hance­ments and fixes to the user interface of Oidom
  • Uploading screen­shots taken with iPhone has been fixed