17.2.2022 Oidom Update

Please note that you will need to republish your website to enable im­prove­ments and op­ti­miza­tions.

New features

We have extended the variety of elements available in articles. You can now add elements like columns and buttons also to your articles. From now on, new elements will be au­to­mat­i­cal­ly available both in articles and in sections created with the section editor.


We have made some im­prove­ments to the user interface of managing elements. You can re-arrange and delete elements by hovering over the element and clicking the function buttons on the upper right corner of the element. In coming updates, we will also bring these element-specific function butttons to pre-made sections which are still missing them, eg gallery.

The heading sizes on smaller screens have been too big in some cases. In this update, we've made some changes on mobile heading sizes, and now they fit better in the smaller screens. We have also made the mobile layout of the Story section more compact on mobile by removing some un­nec­es­sary empty space.

According to the feedback we have received, the automatic hy­phen­ation on published content has been a bit too abundant on some cases. We have made some ad­just­ments so that the text would be hy­phen­at­ed only when necessary: when there is long words in narrower columns for example.

Bug fixes

The update also included bug fixes.

  • The problem with the menu's shadow setting has been fixed and it's working normally again.
  • The settings link color in the Cookie Notice tool has been fixed.
  • Uploading of the grayscale images is enabled.
  • In some cases, the mobile menu icon might have gone off the viewport. This has now been fixed.