19.1.2022 Oidom Update

Please note that you will need to republish your website to enable im­prove­ments and op­ti­miza­tions.

New features

We added a feature to Cookie Warning that allows site visitor to revoke cookie consent. A link to Cookie settings is added to the footer area of the website. By clicking that site visitor can reopen the cookie warning and change the setting. Via Cookie warning's setting menu you can change the text and position of the link.


We've done some op­ti­miza­tions on loading of the menus and fonts. Both search engines and users will like these changes because published websites are loading faster without annoying flick­er­ing.

Bug fixes

The update also included bug fixes.

  • The problem with uploading Favicon has been fixed.
  • The latest version of the Mac OS (Monterey) brought a bug to Chrome users that caused some special char­ac­ters to appear in place of hyphens on published websites. This has been fixed.