Key to succeed A+ is concentration and details.

Creating a website with Oidom

First things first...

You need content for your website. Is it ready already? Good.

If not, bring out the paper & pen. Or an ipad. Post-its have also been found to be a great tool here. Take a moment to plan your content. Roughly write down what your site is for: what you want the user to do there and what it takes him/her to do it. For example, if your website's main purpose is to provide user a way to contact you, make sure that your contact details are easily found.

If you want, you can also list the page structure and the necessary elements such as forms and buttons. This kind of a simple plan will make it easier to choose a suitable template for your site. At this point, you don’t have to write a complete content for your site yet, it can be added and updated on the fly.

UX Work: Woman's hands drawing a wireframe

Create your own Oidom account and pick the site template

To create an Oidom account, you need a valid email address. That's all. In addition, of course, you also set a password for your account, which allows you to log in. If you wish, you can also use your Facebook or Google account to register and log in in the future. After logging in to Oidom, you can create your first site. In the first step, you give your site a name and specify the language of your content. After that, you can choose the site template to get start with. You can also pick a blank site template and start building your site without any specific structure.

Customize the look of your site

If you are making a website for your company and you have graphic instrusctions, dig them up at this point. By editing the theme, you can change the fonts and colors used on the site to match your likings (or the instructions).

Replace the example content with your own

Adding and formatting the content might be the most time consuming part of making your site. Don’t be afraid to add new sections or test alternative layouts and settings if your content doesn’t fit directly into the sections included in the site template.

Feel free to use images and icons to bring your website to life. In addition to your own images, you can also use images from the Unsplash image bank which is integrated to Oidom.

Publish your site

Once your website is ready (enough) for publish, you can begin the publishing process by clicking the blue button at the top of the left sidebar. During the first publish, you must complete your contact and billing information. By default, the site is published to url *, but you can also add your own domain from the domain settings. Once all the information has been filled, the publishing process begins. Publishing a website via Oidom typically takes a maximum of a couple of minutes. During that time, a static version of the website is generated and the files are transferred to the correct location on the servers. When the publication is complete, Oidom will notify you and also sends the details of the published website to you by e-mail.