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Features of Oidom


Start building your website with one of our dazzling site templates

Choose a site template you like and customize it to fit your style

You can start build­ing your site with a blank tem­plate or choose one of our pre­gen­er­at­ed site templates. With the tem­plate you can build your site by just re­plac­ing our demo con­tent with your own. Even though we have pre­designed tem­plates and themes, you have the pos­si­bil­i­ty to change the colors and fonts to your lik­ing.

With Oidom's ed­i­tor you are able to see the changes while you make them. There's no sep­a­rate edit view. You will see instantly how your final website will look like.

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Ready-made sections

The easiest way to create a website

We have made sections and designs ready for you, so you can focus on your content.

Want to add a map and address to your website? There is a section for it. Want to add your Instagram feed to your site? There is a section for it. Want to present your team on your website? Well, you guessed it right: there is a section for it.

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Start your own blog

Create a blog with just a few clicks

Provide your users valuable content with a blog, tell important news, or write about topics that interest you. A blog is a valuable asset for any website.

You can also add Facebook comments to your blog posts.

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Easy editing, even on mobile!

Create and update your website on your mobile device

Not only are websites made with Oidom responsive. Also our editor works with mobile phones and tablets so it is easier than ever to keep your site up-to-date even on the go.

You can update the content, add news or for instance correct a spelling mistake on your mobile phone wherever and whenever.


The fastest websites

With Oidom you can create the fastest websites on the Internet

Prevent people leaving your website because of long loading times. Oidom websites are amazingly fast by design.

Oidom websites are created using Gatsby. Gatsby is a popular tool to make static websites that are blazing fast. Gatsby loads only critical parts of the website when needed. After the first page is loaded fully, Gatsby prefetches resources for other pages so that clicking on the site is smooth and responsive.

The final websites are loaded to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which makes the websites load fast everywhere in the world.

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All features your website needs in one sub­scrip­tion

Every­thing included

Oidom subscription includes everything you need to create, publish and maintain your very own website.

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Hosting on World-class CDN


All the bandwidth and disk space your site needs


Built-in SEO features

Responsive websites and editor

Starting from 7.8€* /month

* Price without VAT.

See our Terms of service for more detailed description on fair-usage policy.