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Why Oidom?

Below we have listed five important reasons why you should create your website with Oidom website builder.


Easy to use

Making a great looking and user-friendly website should be easy. This has been one of the guiding ideas of Oidom from the beginning. With our website builder, you can get started by choosing a site template that suits your website's needs and make it complete by adding some of our ready-made sections. After that, just replace the example content with your own and publish your brand new shiny website. Sound easy enough, right?

You don't need to mess with the code at all. In fact, you won’t even see things like HTML or CSS if you don't want to. Instead, you see in the editor view right away what your site will look like after the changes you make.

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Who has time to wait?

The longer it takes to load the website and its content, the more likely it is that the visitor will leave. The user expects the website to load in less than two seconds. If the download speed exceeds 3 seconds, half of the mobile users will leave already during that slow download phase.

High-speed websites provide a good user experience and improve conversion and sales.

Websites made with Oidom are always fast. The site generated by Oidom is a static website that works quickly around the world. The pages are practically always loaded immediately. The website will be published in its entirety on a content distribution network consisting of separate servers around the world. This way, the website is never dependent on a single server.


Search engine vis­i­bil­i­ty

The loading speed of website also affects search engine visibility. It is also important that visitors find the site organically. Both people and bots should be able to find and understand the content of your website.

Optimize your content for search engines by checking your page titles, meta descriptions, titles and sitemap. With Oidom, these are all easily taken care of. Pages created with Oidom rank well in Google search results, which increases site impressions and visitor traffic.


Mobile is a big deal

More than half of all web traffic is mobile. Nowadays your website must definitely be mobile-friendly, or you will lose valuable traffic and potential leads.

Website made with Oidom automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Oidom makes sure that all content is readable on the mobile, and that the images and the buttons are the right size. With Oidom you can even create and maintain your website directly from your mobile phone . 


Security check

A secure website is a basic factor for users to be able to trust the site. SSL encryption of a site is nowadays self-evident, the absence of which Google takes into account in search result rankings. All websites created with Oidom always receive SSL encryption automatically, ie the pages operate directly via an url beginning with https.

Websites made with Oidom are extra secure. As static websites, they cannot be hacked and they don't need to be constantly updated to keep them safe. In the usual way of making a website with, for example, a server running PHP code, there are several possibilities for hacking.

Oidom uses secure Amazon and Google Cloud cloud services to provide the services.