Why Oidom?

Be­low we have list­ed five im­por­tant rea­sons why you should cre­ate your web­site with Oidom web­site builder.


Easy to use

Mak­ing a great look­ing and user-friend­ly web­site should be easy. This has been one of the guid­ing ideas of Oidom from the be­gin­ning. With our web­site builder, you can get start­ed by choos­ing a site tem­plate that suits your web­site's needs and make it com­plete by adding some of our ready-made sec­tions. Af­ter that, just re­place the ex­am­ple con­tent with your own and pub­lish your brand new shiny web­site. Sound easy enough, right?

You don't need to mess with the code at all. In fact, you won’t even see things like HTML or CSS if you don't want to. In­stead, you see in the ed­i­tor view right away what your site will look like af­ter the changes you make.


Who has time to wait?

The longer it takes to load the web­site and its con­tent, the more like­ly it is that the vis­i­tor will leave. The user ex­pects the web­site to load in less than two sec­onds. If the down­load speed ex­ceeds 3 sec­onds, half of the mo­bile users will leave al­ready dur­ing that slow down­load phase.

High-speed web­sites pro­vide a good user ex­pe­ri­ence and im­prove con­ver­sion and sales.

Web­sites made with Oidom are al­ways fast. The site gen­er­at­ed by Oidom is a sta­t­ic web­site that works quick­ly around the world. The pages are prac­ti­cal­ly al­ways loaded im­me­di­ate­ly. The web­site will be pub­lished in its en­tire­ty on a con­tent dis­tri­b­u­tion net­work con­sist­ing of sep­a­rate servers around the world. This way, the web­site is nev­er de­pen­dent on a sin­gle serv­er.


Search en­gine vis­i­bil­i­ty

The load­ing speed of web­site also af­fects search en­gine vis­i­bil­i­ty. It is also im­por­tant that vis­i­tors find the site or­gan­i­cal­ly. Both peo­ple and bots should be able to find and un­der­stand the con­tent of your web­site.

Op­ti­mize your con­tent for search en­gines by check­ing your page ti­tles, meta de­scrip­tions, ti­tles and sitemap. With Oidom, these are all eas­i­ly tak­en care of. Pages cre­at­ed with Oidom rank well in Google search re­sults, which in­creas­es site im­pres­sions and vis­i­tor traf­fic.


Mo­bile is a big deal

More than half of all web traf­fic is mo­bile. Nowa­days your web­site must def­i­nite­ly be mo­bile-friend­ly, or you will lose valu­able traf­fic and po­ten­tial leads.

Web­site made with Oidom au­to­mat­i­cal­ly adapts to dif­fer­ent screen sizes. Oidom makes sure that all con­tent is read­able on the mo­bile, and that the im­ages and the but­tons are the right size. With Oidom you can even cre­ate and main­tain your web­site di­rect­ly from your mo­bile phone . 


Se­cu­ri­ty check

A se­cure web­site is a ba­sic fac­tor for users to be able to trust the site. SSL en­cryp­tion of a site is nowa­days self-ev­i­dent, the ab­sence of which Google takes into ac­count in search re­sult rank­ings. All web­sites cre­at­ed with Oidom al­ways re­ceive SSL en­cryp­tion au­to­mat­i­cal­ly, ie the pages op­er­ate di­rect­ly via an url be­gin­ning with https.

Web­sites made with Oidom are ex­tra se­cure. As sta­t­ic web­sites, they can­not be hacked and they don't need to be con­stant­ly up­dat­ed to keep them safe. In the usu­al way of mak­ing a web­site with, for ex­am­ple, a serv­er run­ning PHP code, there are sev­er­al pos­si­bil­i­ties for hack­ing.

Oidom uses se­cure Ama­zon and Google Cloud cloud ser­vices to pro­vide the ser­vices.




Oidom - a new way to build your web­site

Oidom gives you a brand new way to cre­ate the web­site for your needs. With fast ed­i­tor and pre­made tem­plates build­ing up your site is go­ing to be an easy breezy.

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